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The scientific journal "Journal of Innovative University of Eurasia" has been published since December 1998.

The journal publishes papers on original and previously unprinted results of research in the field of physico-mathematical, technical, biological, chemical and technological, economic, social, humanitarian and related sciences, ecology, international scientific relations and research of young scientists.

Manuscripts of articles in various fields, as well as brief comments on previously published works, information about conferences and meetings, review of monographs are welcomed for publication. Articles are accompanied by a complete CV.

The journal publishes articles of domestic and foreign authors in Kazakh, Russian, English and German languages. Frequency: Journal is published 4 times a year (quarterly).

The journal is distributed in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, CIS countries and far abroad.

ISSN 1729-536Х

Founder of scientific journal: Innovative University of Eurasia.

The registration certificate number 8712-F October 10th 2007 issued by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Archive of articles
The possibility of applying carbon fuel material in agro-industrial complex

Annotation: The variants of the use of carbon as a heat-generating material in the agro-industrial complex are highlighted. This will significantly save energy, improve the environment, reduce the cost of operation, repair and maintenance of buildings and structures.

Types and methods of game training for development of speech of preschool aged children

Annotation: The article describes the types and methods of game training for the development of speech of preschool aged children. The author presented the results of the research on game training conducted on the basis of the kindergarden № 44 of Pavlodar city. Practice has shown that dramatization, role-playing plot games, integrative games, didactic games give an advantage in the development of children's speech, because children's speech plays a huge role in the game. During the game, children communicate with each other, express emotions, their thoughts, determine the content and intent of the game. Game can be organized simply by words, plays, imitating the facts and events of life, develops mutual understanding and friendly relations between children. The ultimate goal of the game is that children learn how to correctly use words, phrases, sentences during reading and speaking. Role games help the child formulate words and thoughts.

Author: Sh.N. Mykatova
The strategy of the author’s nomination in the novel “Vanity fair” by William Thackeray

Annotation: The article is devoted to the strategy of the use of personal names (first of all, proper names) in the novel by William Thackeray’s “Vanity Fair”. These names are considered as one of the techniques the author’s relationship to his characters.